We want to be the leading provider of Direct Marketing of products and services in Tamilnadu.


To provide sustainable and increasing value to customers and shareholders, through a business model that continually innovates in all that it does.

Group Value

The Group’s commitment to sustainable business practices and client satisfaction is reiterated in the Group’s underlying values.


Who we are ?

ALMIGHTY ORGANISATION is the largest direct marketing company runs in India. In 1997 founder Mr. W.R.JOHN launched a great system in it. Company offers a unique approach in managing non-core business activities through Outsource Solutions as well as Direct Marketing of products and services. A person who has nothing but clave to dream. They all are welcomed in ALMIGHTY. In few months a beggar becomes a king. Join us and feel the difference.


We want you to look and feel wonderful after a visit to almighty Wellness. We discover new ways to live an inspiring life through natural beauty, nutrition and diet, an active fitness, weight loss, aerobics classes and Zumba classes

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    Logistics & Communication

    We are South Asia's premier courier, and integrated express package Distribution Company. It is a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering 3G and 4G services. and has its own NLD and ILD operations, and ISP license.

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    Almighty White Hall

    The new white hall A/c, the name was “WHITE HALL” has all the modern features and facilities. It has all the facilities needed for the auspicious celebrations and has been provided with high quality amenities, completely air conditioned.

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